Stewart - Ch Sunsetter's Infatuation

Stewart or Rod Stewart, aka Ch Sunsetter's Infatuation JH, is was born in Portugal in June 2007 and came to us in August of that year. His ancestory is built on both European and American bloodlines. Stewart is a very loving and gentle boy. He easily relaxes no matter where he is. He is sire to both Carly (Stilmoor Sixteen Candles)  and Breagh (Ch Stilmoor Fascination for Heatherbraer) and with both of those litters, he was a very active father, gently playing with the puppies and doting on them.

Stewart completed his AKC title in March of 2011 and went on to complete his United Kennel Club (UKC) title in five shows, going Best in Show at one of those shows! His Junior Hunter title was completed in December 2012.  Stewart is currently retired from active showing and enjoys lounging on the couch!

Stewart is available at stud to approved bitches. For more information on Stewart, email us on the Contact Us page.

Check out Stewart's Photo Gallery below for photos.

Stewart's Photos

Stewart - Ch Sunsetter's Infatuation

Ch Joncyn's Avenger

Ch Hemlock The Devil's Lochness

Eur Ch Forrester's Iron Duke of Darkmoor

Eur Ch Divine Eye from Fire'sons Garden

Eur Ch Lessly vom Frohnhof

Eur Ch Flavia Von Bredenbek

Am/Eur Ch Fieldtalk's Secret Admirer, CD, JH

Eur Ch Stilmeadows Select Choice

EUR Ch Wickenberry Philopsopher at Liric

EUR Ch Shanna's Midnight Breeze

ITL Ch Ludstar Sterlina

Eur Ch Yorgon Stirling

Eur Ch Ludstar A Star is Born

Eur Ch Stonewood Stilmeadows Blaze

Ch. Stilmeadows Apple Pandowdy

Stilmeadows Cookie Monster

Ch Stilmeadows Shoshone Abigail