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The Gordon Setter was first bred in Scotland by the Duke of Gordon as an upland bird dog.  In the early years, other breeds were bred with the Gordon to enhance certain traits and the Gordon evolved into the breed you see today-a good, solid working dog capable of giving a day’s work in the field. The Gordon was bred for endurance over the rocky crags of Scotland. He is sure footed, confident and goes about his business in the field in a methodical manner.

At home, the Gordon Setter is sensitive, loyal, loving and protective. He loves to play, but is capable of entertaining himself if need be. After all, the Gordon’s favorite place is in your lap! He is patient and tolerant and gets along well with most other animals, including cats!

The Gordon Setter is a medium to large size dog, standing 26 inches at the shoulder on average for males and 22 inches for females. Weight may range from 60 to 80 pounds.

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