Stilmoor Gordon Setters are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). The AKC provides a registration service and while it makes every effort to ensure the registrations are correct, it will not guarantee parentage. Stilmoor Gordon Setters has been recognized by the AKC as a Breeder of Merit. This means that our breeding stock meets the health requirements set by the Gordon Setter Club of America and the AKC.

The AKC also sponsors events that you can do with your dog. Stilmoor Gordon Setters participates in the following:
Conformation Shows-evaluates the dog according to the breed standards established by the Gordon Setter Club of America Inc. (GSCA).
Obedience Trials-evaluates the dog on a point system for a specific set of tasks.
Field Events-evaluates the dog on it hunting abilities, ranging from beginner (junior) to master.
Agility-evaluates the dog for a specific set of tasks based on the shortest amount of time.
Junior Showmanship-evaluates the junior handler in the family on their presentation of the dog in the show ring.
Stilmoor Gordon Setters have successfully participated in all of these events, acquiring many ribbons and titles.

We are members of the Gordon Setter Club of America Inc. and the Nodrog Gordon Setter Club of Michigan, Inc.

The Nodrog Gordon Setter Club of Michigan Inc. and other regional Gordon clubs sponsor various local events throughout the year. It is a good way to meet other Gordon owners and share information. We encourage you to attend!!